Praise for Heaven’s Needle

Merciel’s impressive second novel of Ithelas (after 2010’s The River Kings’ Road) stands on its own as a page-turning high fantasy that tackles some tough questions about good and evil.

Publishers Weekly, starred review

Heaven’s Needle is everything one might have hoped for…The element of horror involved in Heaven’s Needle is well rendered. The sense of madness infecting the victims of the Mad God is gut churning and wretched. The loss of connection to reality and the seduction, by confusion, of the individual’s free-will is horrifying…An excellent work…9/10.

Peter William, Speculative Book Review

Heaven’s Needle with its almost perfect mix of horror and epic fantasy provided something different and exciting. [Five stars.]

Robert Thompson, Fantasy Book Critic

Praise for The River Kings’ Road

[An] impressive epic fantasy debut…Merciel has constructed an inspired new world where unexpected plot twists bedevil strong, clearly visualized characters, in a story that glints with intelligence and hums with life.

Publishers Weekly, starred review

Merciel’s fantasy debut imbues standard motifs of the hero’s tale with passionate intensity, bringing her characters vibrantly to life and creating a realistic setting for her story. Strong storytelling makes this a good choice for adult and YA fantasy fans.

Library Journal

A remarkable book that condenses well-defined characters, a complex world and lessons in ethics into [few] pages.

Sean Melican, BookPage

A great story…All of the characters are well-realized and well-motivated, and I can’t wait for the next in this new series.

Maryelizabeth Hart, Mysterious Galaxy

Merciel’s characters are compelling and her tale grips the reader. I found this to be a highly enjoyable read…Highly recommended.

Peter William, Ubiquitous Absence

I really enjoyed reading The River Kings’ Road. The plot was fast-moving, entertaining, and accessible while also managing to throw a couple of unexpected curveballs at the reader. The setting is well-realized and hints at a much larger and interesting world. I cared about the characters. And I finished the novel wanting to know what happens next…A promising start to what could be a fun and engaging new fantasy series.

Robert Thompson, Fantasy Book Critic

[Merciel’s] prose is crisp and the pacing is perfect. I was deeply involved with the characters, and even her antagonists are hard not to like, or at least respect…The River Kings’ Road is a very satisfying read.

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